Meeting Summary: Subarea 1 Recap

May 18, 2017
Salem Bible Church
2283 Baker Rd.

On Thursday evening, May 18th, the D3: Westside Revive planning team hosted a public meeting in the Fellowship Hall of Salem Baptist Church focused on the future of Subarea 1, a section of City Council District 3 including Dixie Hills, Center Hill, Harvel Homes, and Penelope Neighbors. This “Recap Meeting” was a follow-up to the initial Subarea Workshop held on Saturday, May 6th, and many of the original attendees gathered to hear the findings of the planning team and comment on the proposed concepts for their subarea.

The meeting started as Council member Young’s chief of staff welcomed the attendees and thanked them for their participation. After some introductory remarks from Project Manager, Contente Terry, lead urban designer Herman Howard introduced the Framework Plan and Development Plan for Subarea 1. These plans include key potential redevelopment sites where new commercial development, housing, greenspace, trails, and roads could complement and support existing neighborhoods.

Next, participants were invited to visit the three breakout stations located throughout the hall to talk with the planning team and offer their ideas.

Station 1. Discover

Again, residents had the opportunity to share their memories of the neighborhood with a professional writer and to record their oral histories on video. These memories of neighborhood small businesses, entertainment venues, schools and parks are being recorded on an interactive story map alongside historical research about the area.

Station 2. Discuss

At the Discuss station, residents were asked to complete a 40-question survey to help develop the Well-being Index for Subarea 1. This electronic survey was administered on iPads and focused on the topics of Housing, Jobs and Income, Education, Environment, Health, Safety, Community and Civic Engagement, and Connectivity.

Station 3. Design

Participants reviewed and commented on large concept boards of the draft Framework Plan and Development Plan for Subarea 1. These detailed redevelopment plans included concepts for Verbena Apartments, Tremont Playlot, West Lake MARTA station area, Anderson Park and the former Anderson Elementary.

Attendees were encouraged to follow the project website ( and to participate in future public meetings, particularly the final District 3 Recap in August where all the subarea plans will be presented as a comprehensive District-wide vision.